Dark Knight Jackpot’s First Year Is A Huge Success

Last year, Microgaming appear a new online slots bold based on Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight cine series. Ever back the bold was launched in June 2012, it has paid out abounding acceptable jackpots – several of which accept fabricated players into millionaires.

The Dark Knight slots bold from Microgaming was appear during the summer, just afore the final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s blur alternation hit theatres. The timing was perfect, as affluence of players flocked to the bold in apprehension for the movie. So, it was no abruptness that its jackpot grew actual quickly.

By December 2012, the jackpot had accomplished $1.5 million, and a advantageous amateur from Norway cashed in on the acceptable prize. His accomplishment totalled 5.4 actor kronor, and encouraged even added players to activate wagering on this acceptable new accelerating game.

So, it wasn’t continued afore the jackpot was hit yet again. Weeks later, on January 29, 2013, The Dark Knight paid out its top jackpot yet again. This time, the cost was account $3.3 million, and was awarded to a amateur at Bet365 online casino. Accelerating jackpot trackers ahead that it will not be continued afore the bold pays out again.

Normally, slots jackpots that berry at $1 actor accolade their top prizes every six months or so. Amateur like Mega Moolah and Major Millions are accepted for application players with acceptable million-dollar jackpots, but they pay out actual rarely. This is what sets The Dark Knight slots afar from its aggressive games, as it has accurate itself to be far added acceptable in a actual abbreviate aeon of time.

The Dark Knight provides players with an immersive online bank experience, acceptance players to burrow abysmal into the ailing abyss of Gotham City. It comes able with absolutely a few acceptable benefit features, including a chargeless spins round. In accession to its acceptable Mega accelerating jackpot, there are three abate prizes accessible which pay out daily: Major Accelerating (seeds at $10 000), Minor Accelerating (seeds at $100) and Mini Accelerating (seeds at $10).

This accurate online slots bold should not be abashed with The Dark Knight aperture apparatus from International Bold Technology. This appellation was aswell appear in 2012 and appearance a multi-level accelerating jackpot network. However, it is allotment of an absolutely altered jackpot arrangement and is alone accessible in the land-based bank world. Microgaming’s Dark Knight is accessible at a advanced ambit of online casinos, so it is affiliated to a abundant beyond accelerating jackpot network.

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